The Well

Le puits

Algeria (2016) 96’

Director: Lotfi Bouchouchi

Writer: Yacine Benelhadj

Cast: Nadia Kaci, Laurent Maurel, Layla Metssitane

Cinematographer: Hazem Berrabah 

Producers: Aarc Algérie, Lotfi Bouchouchi

In the middle of the Algerian War of Independence, soldiers of the French army suspect a village in southern Algeria to host the mujahideen having decimated a French commando. The soldiers surround the village and the vulnerable villagers are gradually faced with thirst. The villagers soon realize that they have to either confront the soldiers either die of thirst trapped within the walls of the village. The Well is a strong historical drama where we get to meet the vulnerable individual in the centre of the conflict.


16.01 Cinema House - 19.00' The Official evening of Algeria

19.01 Cultural Center G8 - 18.30'

26.01 Euro Cinema - 19.45'