The Return of the Son

Le retour du fils

Morocco, 2012, 84’

Director: Ahmed Boulane

Writer: Ahmed Boulane

Producer: Ahmed Boulane

Cast: Warren Guetta, Malika El-Omari, Myriam Bella, Younes Megri, Amal Ayouch

Fifteen years after having been kidnapped by his European mother and taken to Europe, Mehdi, now in his early twenties, determines to return to Morocco without informing her. The decision to go back is provoked not only by the desire to visit his Moroccan father chez lui and see the country where he spent the first five years of his life, but to fill in the empty spaces in his own identity: two parents, two countries, two very different cultures.


16.01 - Euro Cinema - 17,00'

18.01 - Euro Cinema - 20,00'