The Path to Mother

Дорога к матери

Kazakhstan (2016) 130'

Director: Akan Satayev

Writer: Timur Zhaksylykov

Cast: Adil Akhmetov, Altynai Nogerbek, Aruzhan Dzhazilbekova

Cinematographer: Khasan Kydyraliev

Producer: Aliya Nazarbayeva

The film covers several complex periods of Kazakhstan’s history: collectivization, famine or Jute - one of the greatest tragedies of Kazakh people, the Great patriotic war, and the post-war years. The plot centers on a man who has lived through many hardships, a terrible war and a labour camp. But despite everything, he longs to his home where his mother has been waiting for him all this time.


17.01 Cultural Center G8 - 19.15'

28.01 Cultural Center G8 - 19.00'