Short Films selection 2017

Running Time: 84'

About Arif

Turkey (2016) 12'

Director: Hasan Kalender

Writer: Hasan Kalender

Cast: Deniz Özkan, Altan Erkekli, Sabriye Kara, Yasemin Conka

Arif with Down syndrome has only one purpose in his life: dancing with a woman. But, all of the his neighbours know that Arif lives in an imaginary world.

Aya Goes to the Beach

Aya wal bahr

Morocco (2015) 17'

Director: Maryam Touzani

Writer: Maryam Touzani

Cast: Badia Aziz, Nouhaila ben Moumou, Raouia

The only entertainment for 10-year-old Aya, a domestic helper, is some TV and her fantasies about the sea. With her handicapped neighbor, she seeks a way to make her dream come true.


Lebanon (2016) 17'

Director: Doris Saba

Writer: Doris Saba

Cast: Takla Chamoun, Doris Saba, Tarek Yaacoub

Hanine, an aristocratic and narcissist woman in her early sixties is still living in the shadow of her youth with her old house, illusions, memories and mirrors. In her head and heart, Habib, the young Gardner, books his place. this love rests in the corners, leaving true emotions behind.

The Block

Der Block

Switzerland-Kygyzstan (2015) 10'

Director: Nadine Boller

Writer: Nadine Boller

Cast: Shapu Acanov, Atai Sultanaliev, Aibek Kaanybek, Danyiar Sadyrbek

In the middle of the steppes of Kyrgyzstan an old foundation dating back to the Soviet era is gaining more and more importance in the nomads' daily life.


Iran (2016) 4'

Director: Reza Golchin

Writer: Reza Golchin

Thе film shows ways of schools in Talesh city mountains.

Watch Your Back


France (2015) 24'

Director and writer: David Ribeiro

Cast: Hiam Abbass, Hafsia Herzi, Abdoulaye Fofana

Sidy Konaté was jailed for beating up a pedophile, he is now out on parole. He has a job as a packer and focuses on reintegrating society. Determined to leave the past behind and to look straight ahead, Sidy feels as though he's in control of his life. But is he really?

16.01 Czech Center - 18.30'
24.01 Czech Center - 18.30'

Running Time: 76'

Angels Are Dead

Iran (2016) 14’

Director: Sahar Khoshcheshman

Writer: Sahar Khoshcheshman

Cast: Pouya Mohammadi, Farhad Nasrollahi, Amir Mohammad Badbedast

Friends are always friends. The friendship cant be ignored even if they live in a separate worlds.



Kyrgyzstan (2015) 24'

Director and writer: Ruslan Akun

Cast: Anel Azamatova, Erjan Turdukojoev

The film depicts a story of two siblings who are left all alone high in the wild mountains of Kyrgyzstan, and who decide to herd the cattle on their own. It is a story of children growing up ahead of their time and taking responsibility for their own life and families.

Night Shift

Lebanon (2015) 7'

Director: Hisham Sharafeddine

Writer: Hisham Sharafeddine

Cast:Hasan Akil, Georges Hayek

Two thieves, one location, bad timing.



Turkey (2016) 10'

Director and writer: Ali Kışlar

Cast: Semra Dinçer, Hüseyin Özay, Mehmet Küçük

Celal and his family lost their father. In the funeral process, they realize that the grave is full of water. During that time, a nice lady, whom they don’t know, points to a near grave. And that grave is dry. Celal makes his way to graveyard watchman with the old lady to bargain about the dry grave.

Wait for Me, Italia!


Algeria (2016) 21'

Directors: Jonathan A Mason, Hamid Saïdji

Writers: Jonathan A Mason, Hamid Saïdji

Cast: Saïd Aït Ali Saïd, Mouni Bouallem

A kalaiedoscopic journey through the streets of Algiers in Hocine Filali's taxi. With dreams of setting sail toward a better life in Italy, he'll first have to break free from the grip of this magical city and its colorful cast of characters.

19.01 Czech Center - 18.30
25.01 Czech Center - 18.30