Turkey, 2012, 60'
Director: Özgür Akgül
Writer: Özgür Akgül
Producer: Özgür Akgül, Baran Seyhan
Cast: İsmail Tunçbilek, Orhan Şallıel, Göksun Çavdar

 Romanistanbul presents the personal stories of a host of extraordinary Istanbul musicians: of Sercan, who was headed down a dangerous road, and began playing davul, the Turkish bass drum, in order to save his life; Orhan Şallıel, who grew up in a venerable old musical family and moved abroad to build a career as a composer and orchestral conductor; of İsmail who, unsatisified with his career as a performer and album director in Istanbul, traveled to the Sinai desert to purify himself, and search for himself and his mode of musical expression; of Hüsnü Şenlendirici, who played clarinet in Kibariyes orchestra at the age of 13, broadened his horizons in the world music festivals in which he took part with his father Ergün Şenlendirici, and has now practically created his own style; of Göksün Çavdar, creator of Istanbul Brass Sound, whose clarinet style is practically a school in itself, and of Hasan Göztelik, who created his own incomparable trombone style known around the world before the age of 20. And of course their music, and their astounding virtuosity.


16.01 - The Red House - 18,30'

26.01 - Euro Cinema - 17,00'