One Couch at a Time

One Couch at a Time
Cambodia-France-Germany-Morocco-Pakistan-South Africa-Thailand-USA-Zimbabwe-Australia-Belgium-Brazil, 2012, 87'
Director: Alexandra Liss
Writer: Alexandra Liss
Producers: Zohra Allana, Alexandra Liss, Gabriel Stempinski
Cast: Alexandra Liss, Zohra Allana, David Vega

The film follows protagonist and veteran Couchsurfer, Alexandra Liss, through 21 countries, 6 subcontinents, for 7 months using Each host and traveler along the way provide unique experiences becoming sub-subjects illustrating the incredible exchange. Alexandra, who begins her journey full of confusion, ends up learning lessons of a lifetime with the help of a few worldly friends.


22.01 - Cinema House - 20,00'

31.01 - Euro Cinema - 17,00'