I Want to Be Different: Metal Rock in Tajikistan

Tajikistan-USA-Germany (2016) 79'

Director: Roozbeh Ghasemi

Writer: Roozbeh Ghasemi

Cast: Anvar Sultanov, Oleg Nikolaevich Tanin, Mariambi Khakimova, Umeda Fazylova

Cinematographers: Roozbeh Ghasemi, Theodore Kaye

Producers: Roozbeh Ghasemi, Patrice Kienast

Al Aziv, ProRock and Red Planet. Three Bands - one Obsession: Rock Metal! This sounds not extraordinary but it is in a country shaped by strong traditions and which is still struggling to find his way to the future. But there is a new generation in this former Soviet Republic, which faces long since many challenges, exacerbated by the combined effects of the civil war (1992-1997) and the economic and politic transition, with new questions, ideals and dreams. The youth of Tajikistan are finding their own paths, voicing their own concerns with the status quo and demonstrating their own identity.


25.01 Neu Berlin Club - 20.00'

28.01 Euro Cinema - 18.45'